I have decided it's easier to post my wishlist here, instead of on a separate site. So here is my wishlist, not censored for price or impossibility or anything ... and not really in any particular order. They're all things I want :).

  • I am almost at the end of the Urdu lessons I already have. The next thing to do is the Pimsleur Urdu Phase 1 (it's the only one under "Urdu" in the list)
  • I would very much like a Chipolo or two, to help me stop losing things like important bags!
  • I'd love to put one of these Wonderland door stickers on the back of my front door to liven up the hallway!
  • It seems incredibly boring to ask for as a gift, but a pack of these Instant Cold Packs would be super helpful for when I go out and get caught without proper cold packs.
  • A set of SipSnap Sippy Cup Lids would really make it easier to drink without spilling stuff everywhere.
  • I need a new set of Soda Stream 1L bottles for my machine. The straight sided ones.
  • I would really like a few bags of black aniseed balls, those old-style things you used to buy for a cent or two cents from the corner store. They're still available - I googled!

- Ricky