G'day Everybody,

My name is Ricky Buchanan. Here's my main theory on life: I have disabilities and problems and troubles and stuff that holds me back, but dammit I'm Not Done Living! Not by a long chalk.

Current Projects

ATMac is a blog and extensive website covering all areas of assistive technology for Apple users including Mac OS X computers, iPods, iPhones, and iPads. ATMac screen shot

Open Letter To Those Without ... contains the original 'Open Letter To Those Without CFS/Fibro' and many alternatives and translations made by myself and others.

Journeying/Journalling is my online personal journal hosted at Dreamwidth. Feel free to leave comments there.

Smaller Stuff

[ Graphic of a computer system ][ Stylised framed picture of a person painting a picture ][ Graphic of an open door ][ Standard international symbols for wheelchair accessibility, sign language interpreting, blind persons, and a question mark in a circle denoting information available. ] [ Graphic of a small curly-haired toy dog ][ Picture of Ricky ]

Specialization is for other people - I don't apologize for being eclectic, I celebrate it!

I'm a fairy penguin. If you need to ask, you won't understand. Just look at the picture.